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Our workshops aim to offer a first-hand perspective on neurodivergent experiences in sports. We acknowledge that each group may have different levels of knowledge about neurodiversity, but kindly ask participants to approach their workshop with an open mind, showing respect to our facilitators, who all have first-hand experience in overcoming challenges in this field.


We ensure our workshops are bespoke to the needs of the sports team, club or organisation we are interacting with by collecting information about audience demographic and existing understanding of neurodiversity before designing our content to suit.

This being said, the core of our workshops follow a similar format:

p1. establishing a shared understanding of neurodiversity, neurodivergence, and it's context within sport;

engaging the audience and encouraging self-reflection.

p2. working with unique neurological profiles;

formulating support strategies and sharing examples.

We have designed and priced our workshop packages to ensure we are able to accommodate a variety of budgets.


For more information about consultation and/or speaking engagements, please contact

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Neurodiverse Sport raises awareness, educates and consults with individuals, teams and organisations regarding the practicalities of neuroinclusion in sport.

We are a not-for-profit company, and all income generated from our services supports our day-to-day running costs, as well as the free resources we provide.

You can browse or book our standard services below, or contact us for bespoke requests.


Workshops, Consultation, Speaking Engagements

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The UK Sports Institute

About our pilot neurodiversity in sport workshop series;


"The UK Sports Institute is excited to work with Neurodiverse Sport on this pilot aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of neurodiversity in the context of high performance sport.  Through her organisation Neurodiverse Sport, Caragh McMurtry is doing great work in this area.  As well learning from Caragh’s own experiences, in these sessions the participants will gain an understanding of neurodiversity as a concept and consider ways to make their own sporting environments more neuroinclusive."

Sam Cumming,

Head of Mental Health at the UK Sports Institute

Our Customers & Clients




Our customer base is varied, and we are committed to supporting anyone wishing to educate themselves or others regarding neuroinclusive practice in sport.


Our clients include:

- Sports clubs, teams & organisations

- High performance teams & businesses

- Schools & other educational establishments

- Parents, teachers, coaches, & managers

- Neurodivergent sportspeople and athletes

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Neurodivergence in Sport:
Quick Facts

We created this resource for British Gymnastics - why not have a browse?

What They Say...




"I have had several interactions with Caragh and Mikey, and each time has been enlightening and inspiring. Their dedication to making a positive impact is truly remarkable, and they share a wealth of expertise, experience and insight. Their openness to helping groups learn, encouraging questions, and fostering curiosity is invaluable. Whether you are holding an event, wanting a workshop or needing specific advice and guidance, they have so much to offer. I highly recommend everyone getting closer to the brilliant work they are doing so we can all contribute to a more inclusive sporting landscape!"

Maimee Titmuss-Morris,

UK Sports Institute Performance Lifestyle Coach, Wellbeing Lead w/British Gymnastics & PLC w/British Triathlon 

Take a few moments to think

About past colleagues or teammates - could any of them be neurodivergent?

 Do you think they were well 


 If not, what could have been 

 done better? 

Just By Taking A Moment To Reflect On The Neurodiversity Within Your Team, You're Contributing To Positive Change.

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