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Alexandra Hambro - Rowing, Horse Riding - ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder

We are very pleased to introduce Alexandra Hambro this week. She is a former rower, rowing coach, and equine therapist, and a current horse rider. She also has ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder.

I connected with Alex at the end of last year, and we hit it off immediately. We've had a lot of similar experiences throughout our lives; we've both experienced degrees of trauma, we've both been medicated with Lithium, and we've both been gas lit. We've also both chosen to do something very unnatural to us in creating international platforms for change and progression in the DE&I space, and have both chosen strangely similar colour schemes for our brands too! What are the odds!? 😂

Anyway, Alex has provided me with more than a story - she's become a great friend, and someone I can talk to, who understands exactly what it's like to struggle within and try to create change without. She is inspirational, and I hope you feel the same after watching her interview...


My interview with Alex was going to be one of the first ones I put out, but after a few attempts at editing the original, I realised it wasn't going to happen, and that we needed to re-record. Why? Well, the number of times I spoke over Alex was shameful, and the number of times we went off topic was actually quite exasperating to rewatch!!! It was frustrating to have to re-record, because I love efficiency and HATE the opposite, but at least it served as a much needed lesson on how I should (or should not) go about interviewing someone I over-identify with...

Alex kindly agreed to re-record, but wasn't convinced she hadn't done something wrong, so it took a lot of reassuring to convince her otherwise. It's funny, you would think it requires huge amounts of confidence to do what Alex does, but she's one of the least confident people I know, and I fear it's a direct result of the trauma and gas lighting she's experienced throughout her life. Regardless of being "terrified every day", something drives Alex to make positive change for future generations. And that to me is incredibly impressive, and inspirational.

One last thought

Imagine if we all strove to push the boundaries of what we're capable of, or comfortable with, for the sake of others - for the sake of progression... we could all lighten the load for each other...

You can find @werowlikethis on Instagram

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